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Why give?

University Theatre provides quality theatrical, artistic, and practical experiences for NC State students and the Triangle as a whole. We invite students and the community to bring their own life experiences to the learning process, to observe the life experiences of others, to become better informed on the human condition, and to discover, learn, and grow in a supportive artistic environment.  The skills learned by participating in University Theatre programs have vast applications within any major. By supporting the student through the arts we promote the success of the whole student, preparing them to succeed academically, professionally and personally.

Donor support is critical to the success of University Theatre and makes an impact beyond the performances you see on stage. Your gifts allow our programs to grow and thrive.

Your gifts can help provide:

  • High quality performance experiences for actors and audiences alike
  • High impact student travel experiences
  • One of a kind interactions with visiting artists and the local theatre community
  • Access to high quality equipment, technology and facilities
  • Faculty and staff development

"University Theatre was the most influential aspect of my NC State experience. The staff constantly supported my growth as a stage manager through a variety of production opportunities. They encouraged me to attend a conference which led to securing a job three months after graduation. The tour that I joined was where my career began, but it would never have been possible without the knowledge and encouragement I received from University Theatre staff. I have been lucky enough to work consistently in the arts for the past six years thanks to the supportive base built by the theatre program at NC State. Looking back, it's clear that University Theatre affected my life not only professionally, but also socially. The community that the program builds is one of a kind. Students from all majors and all backgrounds coming together to create something is a truly unique experience that I carry with me to this day. The bonds and memories created cannot be duplicated."
-Anna Rains, Business Administration & Human Resources '12

Think and Do the Extraordinary

The Campaign for NC State

The Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign is the most ambitious fundraising effort in the history of NC State, with a goal of $1.6 billion in private support from the university’s remarkable alumni and friends.  Meeting this goal will allow NC State to achieve its potential as one of the most vital and prestigious research universities on the planet.  To date, more than $15.1 million has been raised for the arts on campus, but there is more work to be done.

All gifts made to University Theatre count toward the Campaign.  Before the campaign concludes in 2021, we are asking supporters like you to help us move theatre at NC State forward by funding strategic priorities including:


Equipment and technology

Take an extra-close look next time you attend a University Theatre show. So much surrounds you—lights, sounds, staging—and all of those things are vital to your experience. Investments in equipment create opportunities for us to produce and present theatre in new, compelling, and unexpected ways. NC State is a hub for technology and innovation.  Students who participate in tech crew for theatre performances, for example, have the opportunity to learn skills and develop a comfort and familiarity with technology, but they need to learn on the best tools available.  Financial support helps turn NC State students into creative, engaged, and bold thinkers who can use technology creatively to solve problems and improve lives.

To learn about University Theatre’s current equipment and technology needs and how you can help purchase these items, contact Jill Orr, director of development, at or 919.513.4101.

Student travel

Exposing students to high impact experiences such as group trips and theatre conferences helps provide academic, cultural and recreational opportunities that support the development of well–rounded, artistically informed and intellectually engaged citizens.  During a recent trip to the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC) – a conference where our students consistently obtain internships and job offers in addition to participating in workshops and lectures – the theatre staff learned that six of the eight students on the trip had never traveled outside of North Carolina.  Four had never traveled out of their home county.

High impact experiences are a priority for Chancellor Randy Woodson, who has charged the entire university community – students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and the broader community – to make engaging experiences such as internships, studying abroad, and service learning available to all NC State students – regardless of their financial background. Off-campus opportunities lead to unforgettable experiences, but they can be prohibitively expensive for students, many of whom are already struggling to meet their on-campus tuition and living expense obligations. Donors can help equalize access to student travel with their support.

To learn how you can create an endowment to support student travel in perpetuity, or to make a one-time gift to support a specific theatre trip, contact Jill Orr, director of development, at or 919.513.4101.

Artist residencies

Artist residencies allow students and artists to learn from one another and to create together in sustained, immersive ways. Arts NC State programs actively work with professional artists who are passionate about both creating and teaching. They engage our entire community, forging unforgettable partnerships between NC State and the worldwide community of artists. These experiences can only become regular parts of Arts NC State’s programming through significant investments of private support.

In conjunction with Open Door Series, University Theatre would like to spearhead a guest artist program that places the student at the heart of the creative process. The program envisions housing a guest artist who would teach alongside a current staff member in an eight-week mini course or full semester class. The work would continue the following semester with students taking the information and lessons learned to create an original performance piece and present at the end of the academic year. During their residency, the guest artist may take part in a particular production on the Main Stage or Open Door Series, present workshops or master classes, or facilitate talkbacks or other Open Door Series events.

To learn how you can create an endowment to support artist residencies in perpetuity, or to make a one-time gift to sponsor a specific artist in residence, contact Jill Orr, director of development, at or 919.513.4101.


Ways to give

We offer different ways to support theatre at NC State so you can give in the way that is best for you.

Contact us

If you have questions about giving or would like to mail in a check, please contact a member of the Arts Development team.

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