Open Door Series


A new student-focused program designed to explore content meaningful and relevant to our college students as they navigate relationships with each other and the broader world. The Open Door Series explores a broad range of play texts, styles and genres. Projects invite partnerships with other NC State organizations and foster community connections.


Girl in Space

March 15-17, 2018  Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre


Somewhere in the not so distant future aboard the ISSA Underdog, Lana Nelson, an IT systems analyst, must find her missing crew, debug the computer program, and place a massive order for hazelnut coffee K-cups. This space faring gal finds herself in a galaxy of trouble when AERIS, the ship’s computer, reveals that the “recommended course of action is unknown.” In fact, AERIS doesn’t even know how long the crew’s been gone – just seven. That might be seven weeks, months, or even years. Lana must forge an alliance with this sassy computer to figure out how to get back to Earth or she’ll never survive the caffeine withdrawal. Written by Peter Lalush ’17, winner of the 2017 Arts NC State Creative Artist Award.

The Exonerated

Oct 18-29 2017 Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre

Tickets are available online, in person at Ticket Central, or by phone 919.515.1100.
Ticket Central is open 1-6pm, Monday-Friday, and one hour before curtain.

This deeply affecting play combines first-person narrative with legal records to tell the stories of six wrongfully convicted inmates and their paths to freedom. Their accounts of the freed convicts emphasize their lives after being sentenced to death, including much of the legal proceedings that gained their exoneration

Contact Rachel Klem or Mia Self for more info or to establish a partnership connection.