Playbill | Meet the Cast



Emma is a sophomore in business administration with a marketing concentration and a minor in theatre. Emma started acting at the age of 12 and has played the violin for over 10 years. Some of her most notable roles include, Phineous Trout in Willy Wonka the Musical, Glory in Almost, Maine, and Beth in Miss Beth, which was performed at the North Carolina Theatre Competition (NCTC). She is excited to continue her passion for theatre at NC State!



Nathan is a junior in psychology. “I like long walks on the beach, Bananas (brown ones because I like the mushy mouth feel), and reading books (Little Brother, The Art of War, and To Kill a Mockingbird). I have no children or acting experience, but I thought that this could be a really formative opportunity. That is as much as you need to know about me so for the rest of my bio I’ll be listing words that I find funny. Doozy, Hoodwink, Doohickey, Fipple, Skedaddle, rand laboratory. Refer to the dictionary for more.”

Ris Harp headshot



Ris (they/them) is a guest artist with degrees from Ball State University and Maryville College. They studied drama at the British American Drama Academy and Identity School of Acting. Some previous stage roles include Hotspur (Henry IV part 1 [Raleigh, NC]); Don John (Much Ado About Nothing [Fayetteville, NC]); and Jaques (As You Like It [Knoxville, TN]). When not acting, they are writing, painting, and falling asleep in sunbeams surrounded by furry creatures. (Photo Credit: A Life Condensed Photography)



Shreya is a junior in political science with minors in statistics and international relations. Shreya worked backstage in her high school theater productions, and has done shows with UT onstage including Static, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Special Project. She won two Hammy’s for her performance in Static. Shreya can often be found watching soccer games and horror movies.

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Teal is an NC State and UT alumna who is delighted to return. She has recently acted with Brave New Classics and in UT’s past TheatreFESTs. As the 2017 Creative Artist Award winner for her play Of Ghosts and Strangers, Teal is delighted to support other CAA winners and productions. She is honored to further authentic representation of disabled characters and hopes more theaters continue to do so by casting actors with disabilities. Much love to her family for their support!



Sirish is a junior in business administration. Sirish loves spending time with friends and family and traveling. He is always ready to help and enjoys working with the theater department. He is super excited to be a part of Case of Salt!



Jessica is a junior in mechanical engineering with a minor in theatre. Jessica is excited to be participating in A Case of Salt this spring as his first show with University Theatre. Jessica is an out of state student from Ohio currently working a co-op through the NC State Career Development Center. When he has free time Jessica can be found riding their bike or reading a new adventure in his apartment.