Playbill | From the Executive Director for the Arts

Photo of Rich Holly, Executive Director for the Arts at NC State University.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

For some of us, the past 19 months have indeed seemed like a dream, and perhaps a not very good one. Anxiety, confusion, frustration…we’ve seen and likely been through it all at times. We’ve sought refuge in any number of ways, and I’m humbled by those of you who joined us for our many instances of online offerings and events. In the words of Alexander Pope, “Hope springs eternal.” And here we are, finally able to present live theatre once again. Hopeful and thankful.

In addition to its many challenges, the pandemic has allowed us to re-think how we deliver the arts – to our students, to our community patrons, and via technology, to the world. Since March 2020 we embraced digital platforms that were new to us, had conversations with groups and individuals, and are reimagining the work that we do. For University Theatre, this means fewer mainstage shows this year, but more ways for students, in particular, to engage and participate in theatrical opportunities. We’re still experimenting due to the vagaries of the pandemic, yet excited for new paths on which we’ll all adventure and together we’ll learn more about theatre’s innate ability to make us think and feel.

What better way to celebrate the return to live performances than one of the Bard’s most celebrated works! And despite the play’s twists and turns, hope springs eternal throughout to a joyful end.

Thank you for your patronage, and welcome back to University Theatre. I look forward to seeing many of you in person at this or other arts events throughout the year.

Rich Holly
Executive Director for the Arts