Playbill | From the Program Director

Joshua Reaves image. Director of University Theatre program at NC State.

We’re Back!

The stages of University Theatre are once again alive with in-door, in-person productions. We are so glad you are joining us for our first show of the year. For those joining us for the first time we welcome you to University Theatre and for our loyal audience members welcome back!

For the past eighteen months we have been dedicated to keeping theatre in the forefront of our community’s minds, offering a variety of entertaining and educational programming online. We successfully produced our first multimedia production last fall, our first outdoor production last spring, expanded our student playwright program, and offered a myriad of virtual experiences. 

In many ways, Midsummer is a coming home event for UT. This show is a chance to reignite the magic of live-theatre on campus and reconnect with you and our students. And when it comes to magic, I promise you this show does not disappoint!

Midsummer is the product of thirty-one student performers, eighteen student crew, and seventy-six student shop assistants. All of these students are volunteers, each with a rigorous course load within various majors across campus. The students you will see on stage are here, not for a class grade, but because of their love for the art form. We are so excited they are able to share their work with you live and in-person.

It was a busy year-and-a-half reinventing ourselves. We continue to bring forward new lessons while focusing in on our purpose to inspire meaningful connections grounded in the experience of making and sharing theatre. We are thrilled you are joining us for our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Joshua Reaves
Director, University Theatre