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Goddess of the Wine Dark Sea: A meditation on ego, social responsibility, and rebirth

By Ben Holbrook

“I’d like to tell you another tale of love and war and the struggles we mortals must suffer through. This time, it’s Achilles, the Goddess-born son of the sea, rolling in the night with his lovers Patroclus and Briseis, as the Trojan War rages on outside of their camp. When the war, however, forces Achilles into the light, he and soon she, must decide for herself, her place and legacy in this vast time fluid, gender fluid, sexuality fluid world of gods and monsters.” -Tiresias

The Out Loud series is a casual theatre experience for first-time theatre goers and seasoned theatre lovers alike. Readings are free and open for all to participate in-person. Attendees may register at the door; however, advance registration is recommended.

  • Wednesday, October 27
    Thompson Hall, Room 150 | 7:30pm

Project Kalunga Saturday Intensive

Devised theatre – frequently called collective creation – is a method of theatre-making in which the script or (if it is a predominantly physical work) performance score originates from collaborative, often improvisatory work by a performing ensemble.

Become a collaborator and help develop this devised project in conjunction with the Gregg Museum’s “Crossed Kalunga and other acts of Courage” exhibition. Contact Danica Jackson for more information and discover how you can be a part of this exciting venture. Additional intensives will be held Oct. 30 and Nov. 13.

  • Saturday, October 30
  • Thompson Hall, Room 150 | 1-4pm

Audition for Project 303

A collaboration with THE 303 Stage Directing class. Student directors will cast and create scenes to share with selected audiences in our Living and Learning Communities this fall culminating in an evening of scenes by stage directing students exploring the actor-audience relationship in found spaces on campus.

Click here for more information and to sign up to audition.

  • Monday, November 1
  • Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre | 7-10pm

Project 3030 is an evening of scenes by stage direction students exploring the actor-audience relationship in found spaces on campus.

  • Thursday, November 11
  • Honors Village | 4:30pm
  • Friday, November 12
  • Arts Village | 7:00pm


It’s an audition workshop for the upcoming The SpongeBob Musical auditions scheduled this spring, Thursday and Friday, January 13-14, 2022.

Ever wanted to get the 411 about an upcoming audition? What to expect? What to prepare? Well, come learn about the audition process and get all of your questions answered during this informative session dedicated to all things SpongeBob.

  • Monday, November 15
  • Titmus Theatre | 7-9pm