Playbill | Goodbye Friend

University Theatre


Written by Christian O’Neal

Surrounded by mirrors and on the clock, Logan barely has any time for self reflection. A pivotal moment will decide Logan’s future, if they dare listen to that faint voice in their head.

Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre
Frank Thompson Hall

A corner in the middle of a large warehouse. Five mirrors are present.



Christian is a North Carolinian playwright. He wrote and co-developed the immersive theatrical experience Strange City of Edgar Allan Poe at Sonorous Road and wrote an audio version of his full-length comedy Alice in Vaudeville for Monroe County Civic Theatre in Indiana. Other works include the award-winning one act That Kind of Play and the children’s play Kids Explain Hamlet. He is a sound designer and co-producer for the annual NC Radio Play Festival (CPF Radio Hour).



Nat (They/Them) is a Raleigh-native and 2019 alumna of both NC State University and NYC’s Atlantic Acting School Summer Intensive. They are a non-binary actor and playwright, having most recently portrayed Billy in Enemy of the People. Other recent credits include Tybalt and Paris in Romeo and Juliet, Jean-Paul Marat in MARAT/SADE, Demetrius and Quince in The Midsummer Experience, and Sunny Jacobs in The Exonerated. Follow them at @natmsherwood on Instagram for more.


Logan A

A Georgia native, Stephanie has been active in the Triangle since 2018. Her next project is Radium Girls at Studio 1.


Logan 1 / Speaker

Jonathan moved to Raleigh in 2018 and started acting the following year thanks to Gus Allen and Daryl Ray Carliles at Back-to-One Acting Studio. He owes them a lot for helping him be where he is today – which is here to perform for all of you! (Well, technically he is at home while this is being written) So if he does a poor job you know who to blame! When he isn’t acting he’s working… but, when he isn’t doing that he is making episodes for his show about science and space! (What the what show).