Playbill | Pulled Under

University Theatre


Written by Gus Allen

Witness the love and the struggle to love within one family, as we see actors playing the child, teen and adult versions of their characters.

Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre
Frank Thompson Hall

A living room. A confessional.



Gus is a local actor and writer, as well as an acting instructor at Back-to-One Acting Studio here in Raleigh. Gus has been in many NCSU TheatreFEST productions, most notably The 39 Steps, The Hollow, and Tea with Edie & Fitz. Gus loves board games, skydiving, the Minnesota Vikings and Culver’s restaurants. His two cats are named Rebecca and Louisa after characters from Alfred Hitchcock films. Gus is a massive introvert, so you’ll have to initiate any conversation. Or not. That’s okay too.

Headshot of Mia Self



“I began my work in theatre by forcing the neighborhood children to act in the variety shows I dreamed up. I am the Assistant Director of Acting, Directing, and Academics with the University Theatre Program. I have an MFA from the University of Mississippi and a BA from Catawba College with an emphasis in performance and directing. I work primarily as a director, voice and text coach in addition to periodic jaunts into acting, writing and devising.”



Nathan is a junior in psychology. “I like long walks on the beach, bananas (brown ones because I like the mushy mouth feel), and reading books (Little BrotherThe Art of War, and To Kill a Mockingbird). I have no children or acting experience, but I thought that this could be a really formative opportunity. That is as much as you need to know about me so for the rest of my bio I’ll be listing words that I find funny. Doozy, Hoodwink, Doohickey, Fipple, Skedaddle, rand laboratory. Refer to the dictionary for more.”



Kerrington is thrilled to be in her first University Theatre performance through Quick SCRIPTS! She is a recent NC State graduate who majored in mechanical engineering and minored in math. Appreciating acting from a very young age, Kerrington participated in commercials as a child. At NC State, she took Theatre (THE) 203, and developed her love for realism and comedy in productions. She enjoys making people laugh and would love to participate in more theater productions in the future.



See description above.



Emily is a Raleigh-based actress and writer. She is thrilled to be a part of Quick Scripts and take on the challenge of performing with only 24-hours to prepare! She has recently been seen in Enemy of the People (Justice Theater Project), The Odd Couple (Forest Moon Theater), and Death by Design (Cary Players); as well as in several radio plays, short films, and staged readings. When not on stage, Emily enjoys traveling with her handsome husband, sipping cocktails and reading Vogue.