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Come along with Jason and the Argonauts as they sail across uncharted seas, fight dragons, and make life-long friends on their quest for the Golden Fleece.

NC State’s University Theatre takes on the ancient tale of Jason and the Argonauts in a uniquely modern way. Featuring the skills of 25 actors and 20 visual artists from NC State’s campus and beyond, this project is a collaboration that underlines one of the main themes of Jason’s story: teamwork.

The actor’s voices were recorded independently over two weeks to create an audio version of the story.  Sound engineer Kevin Wright added music and sound effects to create an immersive audio experience.

This audio content has been combined with a pastiche of student-created visual art curated by UT Staff members Laura Parker and David Jensen. This has resulted in a stunning, crowd-sourced celebration of NC State’s indomitable creative spirit.


Argo Cast List

CHORUS 1/HYLAS — Emory Gardner

CHORUS 2 — Mary Schrader

CHORUS 3/PHINEUS — Izabella Sciora

CHORUS LEADER — Gracelyn Kitchings

AESON — Hilton Stallworth

JASON — Ian Cox

PELIAS — Grayson Fulp

CHIRON — Lydia Wonderly

OLD WOMAN/HERA — Aysia Slade

AEITES — Shawn Fredericks

MEDEA — Dani Can

ORPHEUS — Noelle DeFelice

TIPHYS — Ariel Penland

HERCULES — Zach Befielt

POLYDEUCES — Fayız Shaikh

ARGUS — Rosie Hou

ZETES — Emily Holmes

CALAIS — Cassidy Petrykowski

MOPSUS — Elizabeth Winn

ZEUS — Ryan Huda

PHRIXUS/CHORUS — Maddie Martin

ELDER — Mackenzie Cayco

EROS/CHORUS — Trinity Taylor

CIRCE — Kanice Granson-Holloway

SKELETON A — Ryan Huda

SKELETON B — Hilton Stallworth


Sara Abushakra

Louis Bailey

Kat Daniels

Emma Droste

Kanice Granson-Holloway

Sun Gupta

Sydney Gyruek

Nicole Hiemenz

Nicole Hodge

Rachel Klem

Rose Krebs

Darby Madewell

Adrienne McKenzie

Joshitha Muthukrishnan

Ariel Penland

Emma Robinson

Reagan Santillian

Colleen Sheridan

Katherine Watford

Sarah Wienecke

Lydia Wonderly

Grace Xiang

By supporting the student through the arts we promote the success of the whole student, preparing them to succeed academically, professionally and personally. Donor support is critical to the success of University Theatre and makes an impact beyond the performances you see on stage, particularly in a time when live audiences are unable to attend. Your gifts allow our programs to grow and thrive.