Devised 2020

Outdoor Performance

Stafford Commons – Talley Student Union

Saturday April 17 2pm & 5pm

In a student-written performance piece, students will explore themes of isolation and anxiety in a collage of scenes and songs – reflecting on the events of 2020 and how their world has changed.  Directed by Lormarev Jones, with assistant direction and dramaturgy by Griffin James, a UT alum and member of the class of 2020.  



In the fall of 2020 Lormarev Jones introduced participating students to the concept of original work through ensemble devising. Students were exposed to different devised theatrical pieces, gaining a foundational understanding of both devised performance, playwriting, and movement work.

Phases one and two was concluded in December in which students devised andante wrote material based on their individual and collective experiences of 2020.

Phases three began in the spring of 2021 with additional script writing, and editing with University Theatre staff and the Piedmont Poet Laureate, Tamara Kissane.

Lormarev has led phase four, rehearsals and production, during the month of March with both in-person and virtual student cast members. Their work will be performed on April 17 on Stafford Commons just outside of Talley Student Union.

Registration for this event will open soon.


  • Expose students to examples of devised performance
  • Develop playwriting skills
  • Energize students by creating ensemble and a safe, healing, creative space
  • Provide an opportunity for students to create an original performance for which they have ownership and agency
  • Present a completed performance: live, virtual, or hybrid

Phase Four: production

**All dates and locations are subject to changed dependent on University, State and Local COVID-19 guidelines.