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How to Theatre

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Weekly interactive lessons in various production techniques that work beyond the walls of the theater.

Each week professional staff will approach a specific lesson in a THINK and DO method. These lessons that will not only hone your theatre skills but also your “how to person” skills.

Lessons will span general items such as wood working, sewing, welding, audio and some specific items like scenic painting, embroidery, recording, and CNC use.

Our new THINK and DO method will provide a virtual lesson the first week and an in person opportunity to practice those lesson the following week; think and do!

Registration is required for both the THINK and DO events.

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By supporting the student through the arts we promote the success of the whole student, preparing them to succeed academically, professionally and personally. Donor support is critical to the success of University Theatre and makes an impact beyond the performances you see on stage, particularly in a time when live audiences are unable to attend. Your gifts allow our programs to grow and thrive.