Special Instructions for Ragtime Auditions

Special instructions:

Race, national origin, gender, and class are major themes in Ragtime. We intend to openly and compassionately address these ideas in the production process. Feel free to ask questions about this content in the audition process. We acknowledge that many roles we list fall on the gender binary, but invite transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary performers to read for the roles, cisgender or otherwise, they most identify with. We encourage actors of all types, backgrounds, gender, ability to audition.
What are we looking for in the audition?
• To hear that you can project, enunciate, and match pitch.
• To see you make exuberant physical choices appropriate for the scale of the show and the size of Stewart Theatre
• To watch you connect with your scene partner and respond to what they give you.
• To see that you are able to make physical, vocal, and intention changes based on feedback from the director, music director, and choreographer.
The audition will begin with a movement exploration with Lormarev Jones, choreographer. Dress to move and plan to have fun with this portion!
Musical Director, Diane Petteway, will do a quick vocal warm-up and then students will be asked to sing 16 to 32 bars of a song. You may use a song of your choice but feel free to sing from one of the Ragtime selections in the audition sides. You may be asked to sing scales as well. Sing even if you don’t think you have a “beautiful” voice! There are lots of interesting characters in the production.
Mia Self, director, will place auditionees in groups to read from audition sides. You may be considered for roles that you have not read. You will likely not complete a full scene but may be asked to integrate new choices in the scene you are reading. You will be given time to read through your scene with your partner before you present. Be bold and remember there is no “right” performance choice to make. We are looking for process and communication in the readings.
Looking forward to seeing you there!