This Week – August 31

University Theatre is back this week with so many opportunities for students and the public! Today we introduce How to Theatre: and other Life Skills. We are also accepting audition videos for Argo: A Virtual Voyage of Jason and the ArgonautsSo much to experience but you must register. All programming is FREE.

Week of August 31

Weekly interactive lessons in various production techniques that work beyond the walls of the theater.

Each week professional staff will dive into a specific lesson that will not only hone your theatre skills but also your “how to person” skills. Lessons will span general items such as wood working, sewing, welding, audio and some specific items like scenic painting, embroidery, recording, and CNC use.



Hand Sewing Basics

Tuesday 1pm
Join Laura and Adrienne to learn some of the most commonly used hand stitches for basic sewing and backstage repairs.



Shop Power Tools

Wednesday 4pm
JJoin Dave and Mike to learn how to use some of the most common hand and stationary power tools used in the scene shop.


Virtual Auditions Accepted This Week

Argo is a new adaptation of the classic story that takes us on the epic journey of Jason and the Argonauts. This digital voyage is created by University Theatre students and staff, and will take our program into uncharted seas, where we’ll fight dragons, make life-long friends, and quest for the Golden Fleece.

Virtual Audition submissions accepted this week.
Audition Information


Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Monday 7pm

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Static by Aysia Slade

Thursday 7pm

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Weekly lessons in techniques and skills for performers.

Each week professional staff will dive into a specific lesson that will help performers land the roles and perform their best. Lessons range from vocal technique or resume prep, selecting a monologues, marking up a script, audition tips, or improv exercises. Each week UT will help students gain a new skill to bring to the stage.

SETC Audition Prep (South Eastern Theatre Conference)

Friday 1pm
Rachel Klem helps you prepare for SETC auditions, which are virtual this year.
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Ryan Wineinger-Schattl

Creative Director, Walt Disney Imagineering
Disney Imagineer with 10 years experience in Theatre & Theme Parks.
Tuesday 6pm

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Porsche McGovern

Lighting Designer, Researcher
Lighting designer and author of the Howlround series, “Who Designs & Directs in LORT Theatres by Pronoun".
Thursday 6pm

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