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The Grid at Stewart Theatre

View from the grid in Stewart Theatre

University Theatre, DASA Facilities, Campus Enterprises, Productions Unlimited, Inc and a host of professional contractors have been busy these past few months at Stewart Theatre installing a fly system and grid.

The fly system moves scenery, curtains, lights and other equipment up and down above the stage. For over five decades Stewart’s flies were manually operated by students and staff through a mix of counterweight, hand crank, and motorized systems.

Today a new fully automated hoist system allows Stewart Theater to join a growing number of theaters transitioning to this safer method of stagecraft.

The grid is a walking surface above the stage to which the fly system is attached. Until this summer, University Theater would bring in specialized lifts to inspect components 65 feet above the stage. Now it only takes one elevator and a ladder to access all parts of the system.

Though you may never see all the work that has been completed behind the scenes, you will certainly see the effect and possibilities this new system affords the users of Stewart Theatre. We can’t wait to re-open our doors in September and for you to not see all the work we have done.

Check out this short video of what our pack has accomplished!

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