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Why give?

The arts are a vital part of the student experience, and NC State University recognizes the importance of fostering arts programs — both for our students and for the larger community. University Theatre’s open access model ensures every student at NC State has the opportunity to enjoy theatre in all its forms.

Our mission is to create an inclusive, student-centered community that inspires meaningful connections grounded in the experience of making and sharing theatre. Our students create more than just shows at NC State, they create lasting friendships and lifelong memories.

My best friend is also a UT alum, whom I met doing a show my freshman year, so I think it’s safe to say that UT had a huge impact on nearly every aspect of my life!… some of the most important years of self discovery, growth, and inspiration in my life thus far.

Picture of Molly Riddick, former student.

Molly Riddick


University Theatre receives just over 5% of its annual budget from state appropriations. While significant support is generated from ticket sales and student fees, we rely upon our donors to assist in covering a large portion of our expenses. Your generous support helps ensure we are able to fulfill our mission year after year and continue to impact the students, faculty and community members who participate in University Theatre programming. By supporting the student through the arts we promote the success of the whole student, preparing them to succeed academically, professionally, and personally. 

Your gifts can help provide:

  • High quality performance experiences for actors and audiences alike
  • High impact student travel experiences
  • One of a kind interactions with visiting artists and the local theatre community
  • Access to high quality equipment, technology and facilities
  • Faculty and staff development

Performance Experiences

University Theatre offers an array of performance opportunities for student performers and audiences. Each production is built by, performed by, and operated by students. Your support provides the means to build and create the many worlds of NC State’s stages.

University Theatre is not just a space for performers and technicians to practice their craft. We are NC State’s community theatre, providing entertainment for the entire campus and beyond. Through your donations, The Out Loud series, Quick SCRIPTS, The Institute and various other opportunities are provided to the public free of charge.

Equipment and Technology

Take an extra-close look the next time you attend a University Theatre show. So much surrounds you – lights, sound, staging – and all of those things are vital to the theatrical experience. Investments in equipment create opportunities for us to produce and present theatre in new, compelling, and unexpected ways. NC State is a hub for technology and innovation. Students who participate on production tech crews have the opportunity to learn skills and develop a comfort and familiarity with technology. Financial support enables NC State students to use cutting edge technology in creative, engaging, and bold ways.

Student Travel

Exposing students to high impact experiences such as group trips and theatre conferences helps provide academic, cultural, and recreational opportunities that support the development of well–rounded, artistically informed individuals. High impact experiences are a priority for Chancellor Randy Woodson, who has charged the entire university community to make engaging experiences such as internships, studying abroad, and service-learning available to all NC State students – regardless of their financial background. Off-campus opportunities lead to unforgettable experiences, but they can be prohibitively expensive for students. Donors help equalize access to student travel through their support.

Guest Artists

Guest artists enable students and artists to learn from one another and to create together in a safe, supportive, and immersive environment. University Theatre actively engages with local and national artists and technicians to bring our shows to the opening night. They engage our entire community, forging unforgettable partnerships between NC State and the larger community.

How can I support?

To learn how you can support the needs referenced above – performance experiences, equipment/technology, student travel, guest artists – contact Peyton Stokley, director of development for Arts NC State, at (919) 513-4101 or

Additional ways to support University Theatre

UT Production Wish List

Our Amazon Wishlist is not the typical shopping list. A theatre production calls for all sorts of items – from bean bags to roller skates – our shows are always in need of unique and hard to find items.

A wish list of items needed to create the world of each play is curated by our talented designers and published for each show. Lists may include costume, scenic, or prop pieces that you can actually see used in the show. Donations made through Amazon ensure your support is put to direct use in a meaningful way.

Donors may use our Gift-in-Kind form to document your Amazon donation for tax purposes.

Amazon wishlist - donors may provide support through their Amazon purchase.