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A message to the students of University Theatre

Theatre is the art of live performance in which the action is precisely scripted, rehearsed, and performed to relay a coherent and meaningful message. Though University Theatre is unable to present live performances at this time, our action and message amplify the words of Chancellor Woodson. “We too must acknowledge that a person’s race is still too often used to determine how they will be treated in almost every aspect of American life. And as a leading U.S. institution of higher education, we are committed to our critical role in helping right the injustices of racism and discrimination”. University Theatre remains committed to play our part, in both action and message, to help address the injustices of racism and discrimination in our community.

Our Action

This spring University Theatre convened a task force of staff and students charged with defining how UT programming will be reflective of our diverse campus and community. How it will provide a safe and empowering environment for its participants. How it can embrace diversity to grow and retain membership. And how UT can create a culture of inclusion and participation for all. Their report is due August 1.

Over the summer, University Theatre staff will take part in a five-week course – Nicole M. Brewer’s ‘Anti-Racist Theatre (A.R.T).’

A.R.T. is defined as practices and policies that actively acknowledge and interrogate racism generating dynamic anti-racist ideas, values, and policies that counter the oppression of any group of people in any aspect of education or production of theatre: This training will help UT staff to develop and refine core anti-racist principles that will guide academic and programmatic decisions in the years to come.

University Theatre acknowledges the need to make changes to the season due to the pandemic, however it offers an opportunity to reevaluate our shows — ensuring the stories we tell are relevant, reflective and celebratory of our community. We actively encourage students to send in suggestions of plays, scripts, and ideas that speak to their experiences – we want to help you tell the stories that are relevant to you.

Lastly, we ask for you to join the conversation in how University Theatre can better serve our students. You are the core of our organization – and we want to ensure that your voices are heard, your stories are told, and the issues that are important to you are honored. Please reach out to any staff member or to our email address with ideas, questions, concerns, comments.

Our Message

We are here to promote intellectual growth, cultural competency and self-awareness.
We are here to provide an accessible, inclusive and transformative environment.
We are here to support the development of individuals.
We are here to teach excellence across a comprehensive range of disciplines.
We are here to foster the success of the whole student.
We are here to listen.

Take care of each other,

-The Staff of University Theatre