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Sips & Scripts

First Monday of the Month
Titmus Theatre

Sips & Scripts is a service platform that supports, promotes, and produces original works, written by North Carolina playwrights through public and private readings and through additional nurturing opportunities.  Our vision is to assist NC playwrights to bring forth the best well-developed scripts by fully preparing these artists throughout the entire writing process with the use of our internal, community, and professional resources.  Sips & Scripts is an affiliate of the Dramatists Guild. 

Sips & Scripts is presented in partnership with UT’s Studio Series

Six Playwrights.  Six Pieces.  Up to 10 Minutes.

Actors Bring Your Cold-Reading Skills – Playwrights Will Be Searching for a Cast!

Learn the Art of Play Critiquing! Network with Actors, Directors, Producers, Other Artists, And Community!

Monologues, Short Plays, and Excerpts!
Stage Plays Only – No screenplays or sketches at this time.

NC playwrights are required to sign-up in person at the event between 5:00 pm to 5:55 pm .

The First 6 Playwrights Guaranteed!
The first 6 playwrights are guaranteed a spot to present their piece. If you are not a part of the first six confirmed, then you may or may not get a chance to present. It will depend on how close the event is to its ending time, which is 8:00 pm.

Once you’ve checked in as one of the six playwrights, start searching for your actors to cast, immediately. Playwrights can choose to invite their own actors.

Have Enough Scripts?
Bring enough scripts for each actor in your piece. Please remember the stage directions reader.

Length of Your Piece 
All scripts MUST be no longer than 11 pages, in the proper “play format”.  Also, if your pages are double-sided, that will count as two pages. All readings are required to be no longer than 10 minutes. Each reading will be timed. If a reading reaches the 10-minute mark, the host will call “Scene” to end the reading. Then, the audience feedback segment will begin.

Audience Feedback Segment 
It is optional to have your own questions prepared to ask the audience. If you do not have any questions, the host will provide them for you and will ask the audience. The first five hands raised in the audience will be the people who will provide your feedback. Each person will have up to one minute to speak.

Event Needs!
We could use volunteers to take pictures and record, starting at 6:00 pm. We may need a volunteer to be a timekeeper.