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Aspiring to inclusive casting that reflects our world, and our community.

The Audition - A lone chair sits midstage

Commitment to the Audition Process 

Auditions are open to all currently enrolled NC State students regardless of gender, race, ability, or identity. You do not have to be a theatre minor or be taking a theatre class to audition for productions.

University Theatre is committed to a welcoming and transparent audition process that supports students with various levels of experience. Unless a character choice is dictated by the playwright or the story, casting will be based on a student’s experience level and fit for the particular role/cast, rather than skin color, body type, gender identity, or physical ability.

Special Accommodations

If you require a special accommodation, contact the show’s director in advance to make that request. Their contact information can be found on the Current Auditions page.

Audition Orientation

To prepare for auditions, an orientation session is held prior to scheduled auditions at which time you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as get insight into the audition process. While attendance is voluntary, these sessions prove to be very beneficial – especially if you are new to University Theatre.

Planning For Your Audition…

What to bring…

• Your student ID card;
• Your academic and work schedule  – you will need to list all conflicts (dates/times you are not available for rehearsal) on your audition card;

• You may be asked to list any previous theatre experience on your audition card.  If you wish, you may bring and attach an acting resume;
• If audition sides are used they will be provided; however you may bring your own copies of audition sides; 

Alternative Text

What to expect…

• Upon arrival, you will sign in, be assigned an audition number, and have your photo taken;

• Memorization of sides or a monologue is not required for UT auditions. You will be asked to read from the pre-posted audition sides by the production director; 

• You may read a monologue or be partnered with other auditioners to read a scene from the pre-posted audition sides; 

• You may be asked to attempt improvised movement or dance choreography during the audition.  Auditioners are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes to make movement comfortable and safe.

• Cell phones and other electronic devices (including smartwatches) are not permitted on stage during your audition.

After the audition…

• Once the show has been cast, an email will be sent to all auditioners with a link to the cast list;

• If you have been cast and choose to accept your role, you will need to accept the role and submit your bio for the playbill on the  Cast and Crew page.

• Auditioners have the right to decline casting offers without explanation or fear of reprisal such as losing future opportunities. 

• Your stage manager will email you with information where and when to pick up your script; 

• Visit the Production Resources page for a working rehearsal calendar, show-related information, and to sign up for your costume fitting.