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Creating 10-minute plays in 24 hours

Rehearsal of Quickscripts

What is QuickSCRIPTS?

QuickSCRIPTS is a night of four 10-minute plays, written, cast, and produced in 72 hours. Writers are given a prompt and 24 hours to create a script. Directors have 24 hours to read and cast the show. Actors are provided only 24 hours to rehearse before the audience arrives.

Stripped of costumes and scenery, these plays offer audiences and participants a glimpse into the process of making theatre. Playwrights, directors, and performers are encouraged to take risks, go with their instincts, and make choices in order to beat the clock. Each QuickSCRIPTS performance is followed by an audience talkback.

Saturday | Nov. 11 | 8pm

An evening of 10-minutes plays written, cast and performed all in a span of 72 hours.

All tickets $5 (includes tax and fees).


Mia Self and Josh Reaves answer the questions what is QuickSCRIPTS and how does it work?
Quick script actors sitting in rehearsal hall working on scripts

QuickSCRIPTS Prompts

We are interested in telling everyone’s stories. Be a part of the process by submitting an idea, subject, or theme to prompt our playwrights’ work.

QuickSCRIPTS Audiences

QuickSCRIPTS is an event offered throughout the year. Performances start at 8pm and are followed by a talkback with the participants. Join us for the November 11 performance.

Quickscript actors rehearse

QuickSCRIPTS Participants

QuickSCRIPTS provides 24-hour windows for each participant to prepare before opening night. Students and non-students may sign-up to be playwrights, directors, actors, or any combination of the three.

Playwrights are chosen two weeks prior to each performance. Prompts are provided the Wednesday before opening night with scripts due 24 hours later.

Directors are selected two days after Playwrights. Scripts and performers’ audition videos are distributed Thursday with cast lists due 24 hours later.

Performers are provided the script on Friday — 24 hours prior to opening.

To be considered for any position, check out the schedule and position descriptions below.

The cast of Quick scripts from TheatreFEST 2022

More information

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Video Archive

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