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Committed to developing the next generation of NC State playwrights, The WRIGHT Way Series features workshops, readings, and masterclasses whose primary focus is supporting winners of the Creative Artist Award through the development of their award-winning plays — the right way.

Follow a group of West Virginia college students, faculty, and staff dealing with the difficulties of adult life and the ethics of campus politics as 1969 turns into 1970. When scandal rocks their university, they must face the mounting problems that challenge their relationships, research, and obligations to themselves and their community.

Upcoming readings…

All readings are held in Kennedy-McIlwee Studio Theatre and are free to attend. Pre-registration is recommended. Select the date(s) you would like to attend below.

Creative Artist Award in Theatre highlights budding playwrights

Jameson Wolfe, Assistant Culture Editor

Previous student-written plays

What We Grew Up With, 2023 Creative Artist Award winner by Kiran Soma

Muse, 2022 Creative Artist Award winner by Gaven Bell

A Case of Salt, 2021 Creative Artist Award Winner by Gaven Bell

Static, 2020 Creative Artist Award Winner by Aysia Slade

Middle Grounds, 2020 Creative Artist Award (Honorable Mention) by Penny Lawrence and Jack Deweese

Heritage, 2020 Creative Artist Award (Honorable Mention) by Griffin James