Playbill | From the Executive Director for the Arts

A Case of Salt

Welcome to this performance of our student-written award-winning play, A Case of Salt. We’re glad you’ve chosen to join us as we are starting to feel hopeful about more in-person performances, not just for us and our students, but also for you, the audience!

Gaven Bell’s poignant and clever approach to the subjects of identity and connection ring true not only through the lens of those with disabilities, as you’ll learn through the performance, but I believe for all of us, as well. Humans are social beings, naturally craving relationships. It’s important that we find our “village” and maintain those connections for our health and well-being, just as it’s important that we continue to seek opportunities for learning.

I applaud Gaven for tackling the topic of disability representation in theatre through this play. And I applaud your willingness – passion, perhaps – for attending this performance to learn more about the importance of A Case of Salt’s themes.

Thank you for your support of Gaven, of University Theatre, and of the arts at NC State. I hope to see you at several additional performances on campus in the coming months.

Rich Holly
Executive Director for the Arts