Playbill | Program

University Theatre


By William Shakespeare

Frank Thompson Hall

* Member of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society

Mia Self*

Jayme Mellema*
Scenic Design

Laura J. Parker
Costume Design

Patrick Mathis
Lighting & Sound Design

Joshua Reaves
Projection Design

David Jensen
Technical Direction

Jenny Flowers
Stage Manager

Professional Staff

Joshua Reaves
Director, University Theatre

Danica Jackson
Acting Coach

Laura J. Parker
Costume Shop Manager

Adrienne McKenzie
Costume Technician

Patrick Mathis
Head Electrician, Sound & Lighting

Michael White
Assistant Technical Director

Jayme Mellema*
Scenic Charge Artists & Props Manager

Vanessa Mills-Webb
Scenic Artist

Kevin Wright
Microphone Engineer

Emilie Wood
Finance & Business

Ronald A. Foreman*
Marketing, Graphics & Photography
Digital Playbill

From the Director

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a gateway play and an introduction to Shakespeare for so many people. Dozens of students have shared their stories about the first time they saw the play or read it aloud in English class or performed it with their high schools or community theatre. Then dozens more showed up to enthusiastically read the play together as a part of UT’s Out Loud series when we were in the midst of lockdown last year.

When the University Staff sat down to select a season, we knew we wanted productions that would be exciting and fun for the students’ return to live performances. Midsummer was an easy choice to make because the students had weighed in so clearly that the play was both delightful and accessible for performers and audiences. This production has been an incredible welcome back to the theater. We hope you find it so as well.

The Court in Athens and the woods outside the city

Shakespeare’s Act I Scene 1 — Act III Scene 1

Intermission (15 minutes)

Shakespeare’s Act III Scene 2 — Act IV Scene 1


(In order of appearance)

THESEUS, Duke of Athens
Justin Jones*

HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons
Porsia Dutta Ray

PHILOSTRATE, Master of Revels
Julie Baker

EGEUS, Father of Hermia
Leonardo Tapia

HERMIA, in love with Lysander
Daija Blaise

DEMETRIUS, Hermia’s intended
Raphael Zerbib

LYSANDER, in love with Hermia
Jackson Lods

HELENA, spurned by Demetrius
Gracelyn Kitchings*

QUINCE the carpenter / PROLOGUE
Grayson Fulp*

SNUG the joiner / THE LION
Julia Lopresti*

BOTTOM the weaver / PYRAMUS
Jackson Griffin

FLUTE the bellows mender / THISBY
Fayaz Shaikh

SNOUT the Tinker / THE WALL
Ryan Lim

Darius Alston

PUCK or Robin Goodfellow
Gray Nico

POPPYSEED, a fairy
Mary Obiol

DEWDROP, a fairy
Juliana Balik

MOONBEAM, a fairy
Madalyn Alexander

COWSLIP, a fairy
Will Kalland

OBERON, King of the Fairies
Will Godby

TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies
Neha Ramkumar

Shreya Kumar

COBWEB, a fairy
Lola Byers-Olge

MOTH, a fairy
Katherine (Kat) Daniels*

Nic Holmes


Madalyn Alexander

Katherine (Kat) Daniels*

Will Kalland

Gabrielle Morris

Leonardo Tapia

Zoe Wright

Production Crew

Stage Manager
Jenny Flowers

Assistant Stage Managers
Mckenzie Cayco — Star Muehlbauer

Production Assistants
Hanna Kim — Rebecca Peace

Fight Captains
Madalyn Alexander — Grayson Fulp*

Movement Captains
Madalyn Alexander — Nic Holmes

Voice Captains
Jackson Lods — Justin Jones*

Scenic Carpenter
Emily Holmes*

SET CREW – Scene Shop Volunteers

Cooper Arnott — Ryan Jones
Ava Farmer — Mykel Berrie
Joshitha Muthukrishnan
Luke Anderson — Kyra Barrier
Jenny Flowers — Noah Imbus
Matilda Faluvegi — Clai NcNutt
Landon Gaddy — Wyat Hamilton

SET CREW – THE 223 Students

Amaka Maduabuchi
Talia Brooks — Tiffany Ding
Jay Lineberry — Julianna Balik

SET CREW – THE 103 Students

Mateus Ibarguen — Tripp Wells
Natalie Hall — Izzy Humphreys
Carynne White — Seena Arafat
Sophia Biedermann — Mimi Clark
Darius Alston — Cassidy Amundsen
Hansen Adams — Aarushi Singh

Light Board Operators
Justin Allen — Brianne Crawford

Spot Light Operators
Nabeel Alghaith — Cameron Burrow
Tess Moore — Sirish Saravanamuthu

LIGHTING CREWShop Volunteers

Lark Bodnar — Shamil Luqman
Ryan Jones — Henry Kon
Alex Matta — Denene Woody
Anais Bermond — Nabeel Alghaith
Brianne Crawford — Justin Allen

Sound Board Operator
Colin Degenhardt

Projection Board Operator
Clai McNutt — Zoe Watts

Wardrobe Chiefs
Jessica-Grey Lineberry — Katie Nolfo

Yaxuan Liu — Amaka Maduabuchi

COSTUME CREW – Student Costume Technicians

Jessica-Grey Lineberry — Nick RiCharde

COSTUME CREW – Volunteers

Grey Burns — Heidi Coppa
Kat Daniels* — Carine Elias
Ava Farmer — Wyat Hamilton
Jasmine Mann — Katie Noflo
Valentia Moya-Adtudillo
Joshitha Muthukrishnan
Anna Lia Ritchie — Kiran Soma

COSTUME CREW – THE 103 Students

Emma Banyard — Ry Baskerville
Katie Burroughs — Zoe Reyes
Diane Caffrey — Sanskritti Deva
Maria Echeverry — Caleb Hughes
Kristen Key — Manishka Mathur
JeLia Russell — Beka Schick
Kathryn Spivey

COSTUME CREW – THE 223 Students

Minh-Thu Dinh — Grayson Fulp*
Manika Hemmerich — Lola Byers-Ogle
Andy Hintermeister — Dani Coan
Cassidy Petrykowski — Sam Stone

House Ushers & Managers
University Theatre House Crew