Playbill | From the Program Director

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Quick Scripts

It has been a quick 72 hours! Just three days ago our four playwrights were given a prompt, provided by the Raleigh community, and tasked with creating a 10-minute play. Our directors received these scripts two days ago and our actors were cast last night all in preparation for tonight’s performance.

So why try to create something in such a short amount of time?

As a an artist, I often times form ideas early in the creative process. These initial thoughts usually take a backseat for a few weeks as I explore all the possibilities. I say to myself “There’s no way I could have come up with the best option so early on” only to find myself gravitating back to my first instinctual response. More often than not, those original ideas end up in the final performance.

Quick Scripts attempts to capture our creative instincts and explore them right away. Our playwrights, directors, and actors have no time to over think. They must make bold choices and trust in themselves and their fellow artist. 

We believe the short-time line is freeing for our artists. The short timeline removes the need for their work to be “perfect” and encourages them to trust in themselves, their fellow artists, and their craft.

It is my hope you are able to see the process of theatre-making. Tonight you’re hearing the first draft of the playwrights’ work, witnessing the initial thoughts of the directors, and seeing the creation of new characters by the actors. 

Please enjoy, Quick Scripts!

Joshua Reaves
University Theatre Program Director