Playbill | From the Program Director

Joshua Reaves Headshot

Welcome to Bikini Bottom and welcome back to the Titmus Theatre!

University Theatre has been busy this spring with life blossoming in every inch of the building. Thompson Hall has begun to resemble its former self – full of energy – with students rehearsing, building, and creating theatre.

We are so glad you are joining us as we dive into our first musical since February of 2020. For those joining us for the first time we welcome you to University Theatre, and for our loyal audience members welcome back!

I am so excited for you and the journey you are about to take with SpongeBob. The SpongeBob Musical was an easy choice for University Theatre for its return to musical theatre. This uplifting and light-hearted show explores how a community can overcome a natural threat by trusting in each other and working together to make The Best Day Ever possible.  

The SpongeBob Musical is the product of twenty-seven student performers, twenty-one student crew members, fifteen student and community musicians, seventy-six student shop assistants, and fourteen staff members. Tonight you will see the result of twenty-two weeks of work by 153 people directly involved in the show, not to mention all those who have contributed in other ways. All of our students are volunteers who have found a way to express themselves while maintaining a rigorous course load within various majors across campus. These students are here, not for a class grade, but because of their love for the art form. We are so excited they are able to share their work with you live and in-person.

It has been a busy spring getting to this point and a busy two-years reinventing ourselves. We continue to bring forward new lessons from our time away from the stage while focusing in on our purpose to inspire meaningful connections grounded in the experience of making and sharing theatre. We are thrilled you are joining us for our production of The SpongeBob Musical and look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Joshua Reaves
Program Director, University Theatre