Playbill | Program

University Theatre


Based on the series by Stephen Hillenburg
Book by Kyle Jarrow
Musical production conceived by Tina Landau

Frank Thompson Hall

* Member of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society

Mia Self

Diane C. Petteway
Musical Director

Danica Jenelle JacksonMaya McCall
Mary ObiolKatie CallDaija Blaise
and the cast

Madalyn AlexanderKatie Call
Zosia DeWittKara Cushman
Jay Lineberry
Tap Choreography

Danica Jenelle JacksonMia Self*
Fight Direction

Jayme Mellema
Scenic Design

Laura J. Parker
Costume, Hair and Makeup Design

Patrick Mathis
Lighting & Sound Design

Joshua Reaves
Projection Design

David Jensen
Technical Direction

Kat Kimbrell
Stage Manager

Professional Staff

Danica Jackson
Acting Coach

Laura J. Parker
Costume Shop Manager

Adrienne McKenzie
Costume Technician

Patrick Mathis
Head Electrician

Kevin Wright
Sound Engineer

Michael White
Assistant Technical Director

Vanessa Mills-Webb
Scenic Charge Artists

Nicholas Jackson
Props Master

Alex Webb
Scenic and Props Artist

Emilie Wood
Finance & Business

Ronald A. Foreman*
Marketing, Graphics & Photography
Digital Playbill


Special thanks to Tara Mullins and LilyGrace Wolfe for their movement masterclass with the cast; Judy Dove for the gift of recyclables; Alyssa Self and John Self for the loan of skateboards and Razers; and the cast for their willingness to jump in and create on so many levels.

The Ocean Floor in the idyllic town of Bikini Bottom and on the treacherous slopes of Mount Humongous.

Bikini Bottom Day…………The Town

by Jonathan Coulton

Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise #1)…………SpongeBob

by Jonathan Coulton

No Control…………Perch Perkins, The Town

by David Bowie and Brian Eno

BFF…………SpongeBob, Patrick

by Plain White T’s

When The Going Gets Tough…………Plankton, The Town

by T.I., Domani Harris, and Darwin Quinn

(Just A) Simple Sponge…………SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, Sponges

by Panic! At The Disco

Daddy Knows Best…………Mr. Krabs and Pearl

by Alex Ebert of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Hero Is My Middle Name…………SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy

by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman

Super Sea-Star Savior…………Sardines and Patrick

by Yolanda Adams

Tomorrow Is…………The Town

by The Flaming Lips

Intermission (15 minutes)


Poor Pirates…………Patchy and the Pirates

by Sara Bareilles

Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise #2)…………SpongeBob

by Jonathan Coulton

Bikini Bottom Boogie…………The Electric Skates, Pearl, Fans

by  Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Chop to the Top…………Sandy and SpongeBob

by Lady Antebellum

(I Guess I) Miss You…………SpongeBob and Patrick

by John Legend

I’m Not A Loser…………Squidward and Sea Anemone chorus

by They Might Be Giants

Simple Sponge (Reprise)…………SpongeBob

by Panic! At The Disco

Best Day Ever…………SpongeBob, The Town

by Andy Paley and Tom Kenny

Finale: Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise #3)…………The Town

by Jonathan Coulton

SpongeBob Theme Song…………All

by Derek Drymon, Mark Harrison, Stephen Hillenburg, and Blaise Smith


(In order of appearance)

SpongeBob Squarepants
Justin Jones

Patrick Star
Devin Lackey

Sandy Cheeks
Kat Cupp

Eugene H. Krabs
Will Godby

Squidward Q. Tentacles
Jay Lineberry

Pearl Krabs, Sea Anemone Tapper
Kara Cushman

Sheldon J. Plankton
Maya McCall

Karen the Computer, Sea Anemone Tapper
Zosia DeWitt

Goldfish, Sardine, Girl Fish Trio, BFF Trio
Teen Fan, Pirate, Sea Anemone Tapper
Madalyn Alexander

Old Man Jenkins, Cowboy Trio
Darius Alston

Bubbles the Yellow Tang, Girl Fish Trio, Sardine
Cowboy Trio, Teen Fan, Pirate
Daija Blaise

The Narrator, Mob Fish
Jackson Griffin

Red Spotted Triggerfish, Sardine, Pirate
Ayan Kapoor

Patchy the Pirate, Swing, Sea Anemome Puppet
Gracelyn Kitchings*

Security Guard, Larry the Lobster
Cowboy Trio, Voice of Gary
Ryan Lim

Betta Fish, Electric Skate, Bartender, Pirate
Jackson Lods

Jellyfish, Sardine, Girl Fish Trio
BFF Trio, Teen Fan, Pirate
Ashley Masingale

Mrs. Puff, Sardine
Mary Obiol

Ms. Mayor
Greta Estefania Perez Cobo

Murray the Eel, Electric Skate
George Serrano

Perch Perkins, Plankton Backup Dancer
Fayaz Shaikh

Buster Blue Tang, Electric Skate
Leonardo Tapia

Security Guard, Mantis Shrimp, BFF Trio
Plankton Backup Dancer, Mob Fish
Zoe Wright

Swing, Squidward & Plankton Understudy
Sea Anemone Puppet

Katie Call

Swing, Pearl Understudy, Sea Anemone Puppet
Chloe Dexter

Swing, SpongeBob Understudy
Sea Anemone Puppet
Jake Ensey

Swing, Patrick & Mr. Krabs Understudy
Sea Anemone Puppet

William Kalland


Elaine Wolochuk

Nancy Whelan

Pranav Krishna Kumar

Sherry Lattin
Violin 1

Lisa Doherty

Jonathan C. Kramer

Steve Rose
Reeds, Woodwinds

Erik Riggs
Reed 2

Bobby Hinson
Trumpet, Flugelhorn

David J. Lewis II
French Horn

Allyn Love
Electric, Acoustic, Lap Guitars

Bernie Petteway
Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo

David West

Daniel Rogers

Adam Wampler
Foley Artist

Production Crew

Stage Manager
Kat Kimbrell

Assistant Stage Managers
Nic Holmes — Gabby Martin
Gabi Morris — Rebecca Peace

Dance Captains
Madalyn Alexander — Katie Call
Mary Obiol

Fight Captain
Ashley Masingale

Voice Captains
Madalyn Alexander, Mary Obiol — Soprano
Daija Blaise — Alto
Jackson Lods — Tenor
Jackson Griffin — Bass/Baritone

Sound Assistant
Kai Williams

Light Board Operators
Gaven Bell* — Eli Edds

Followspot Operators
Andy Hintermiesster — Ryan Jones
Charlie Mundorf — Susie Whalen

Projection Operators
Jordan Brautman – Colin Degenhardt

Captions Operators
Brianne Crawford – Sirish Saravanamuthu

Scenic Carpenter
Emily Holmes*

SET CREW – Scene Shop Volunteers

Jenny Flowers — Landon Gaddy
Luke Anderson — Noah Imbus
Joshitha Muthukrishnan
Mykel Berrie — Caleb Keaveney
Darius Alston — Minh-Thu Dinh
Hannah Kim — Cooper Arnott
Grey Burns — Matilda Faluvegi
Kyra Barrier — Wyat Hamilton
Charlie Mundorf — Kai Williams
Jackie Prieto — Rebecca Peace
Matthew Donaldson — Janey Harlow
Amaka Maduabuchi

SET CREW – THE 103 Students

Kevin Cabral — Riley Bresnahan
Steph Lee — Adrian Oliver
Avery Williams — Anta Sall
Dylan Woodlief — Caroline Moore
Vanessa Jacobs — Jackson Griffin
Leonardo Tapia

LIGHTING CREWShop Volunteers

Lark Bodnar — Shamil Luqman
Ryan Jones — Henry Kon
Alex Matta — Denene Woody
Anais Bermond — Nabeel Alghaith
Brianne Crawford — Justin Allen

Wardrobe Supervisors
Nick RiCharde* — Divya Sureshkannan

Sammy Dominquez-Leach — Gray Nico
Nathan Jenkins

Costume Technicians

Jay Lineberry — Nick RiCharde*

COSTUME CREW – Volunteers

Gray Nico — Abisha Fenn
Charlie Munforf — Yaxuan Liu
Gabby Morris — Wyat Hamilton
Grey Burns — Katie Noflo
Joshitha Muthukrishnan
Brooklyn Franke

COSTUME CREW – THE 103 Students

Brooke Masi — Kristian Terry
Max O’Connor — Cas Futrell
Alyssa Franklin — Shan Wilson
Jo Roush — Suzu Lee
Irene Naza — Stephanie Castro-Navarro
Zoe Wright

House Ushers & Managers
University Theatre House Crew