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Static by Aysia Slade. Image of three actors on stage.

Jay, Ali, and Eli have known each other since grade school but college transforms them in ways they never expected. Jay dreams of a future built from his morning radio show. Eli and Ali find their relationship shifting when their friendships tragically shift. Isolation seems inevitable until Jay’s music connects them all.

Senior psychology major, Aysia Slade, was named winner of the 2020 Creative Artist Award for her fifty-five minute play Static. Spending the fall of 2020 working with staff and professional playwrights, Aysia refined her work preparing it for a live performance in March. Due to COVID guidelines limited indoor audiences, Static was filmed and will be shown free on Stafford Commons at Talley Student Union at 7pm on Friday April 23. Registration is required.

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Preparing the PlayWRIGHTs of the Creative Artist Award

The Wright Way sets out to develop playwrights the right way. Through readings, workshops, mentorship and eventual presentation with production support, UT is committed to help develop the next generation of NC State playwrights.

Senior psychology major, Aysia Slade, was named winner of the 2020 Creative Artist Award for her play Static. Heritage by Griffin James and Middle Grounds by Penny Lawrence and Jack Dewesse won honorable mention.

This spring UT will feature Heritage and Middle Grounds in a weekend of staged virtual readings as part of The Wright Way Series. Static will be performed in the Titmus Theatre in March and a filmed version of that performance will be presented in April.

Winner: 2020 Creative Artist Award

Information about performances coming soon.

FEBRUARY 13, 2021 | 2:00PM

Middle Grounds by Penny Lawrence and Jack Deweese is a play about death and moving on, but it’s also a play about community, and the split-second friendships you make in line at Starbucks. It takes place in the space between life and the afterlife. An intimate take on what it means to let go and move on from the other side.

Honorable Mention: 2020 Creative Artist Award

Heritage (noun) – An inheritance passed from generation to generation.
It’s November. Ellen returns home after years of avoiding her demanding mother and doting father. The same old patterns play out upon her return but November is a transitional season. It’s a time for things to fall apart in order to come back together in unexpected ways. Written by Griffin James

Honorable Mention: 2020 Creative Artist Award

The Arts NC State Creative

Artist Award recognizes original work in music, dance and theatre created by NC State students. For theatre this means playwriting. The winning playwright receives $500, and their work is developed and performed the following academic year.

Through out the fall semester all three plays received two readings on the Out Loud Series and support from Piedmont Laurette, and playwright Tamara Kissane.

More information about the Creative Artist Award can be found on the Arts NC State Website.