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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Theatre is the art of live performance in which the action is precisely scripted, rehearsed, and performed to relay a coherent and meaningful message. University Theatre remains committed to play our part, in both action and message, to help address the injustices of racism and discrimination in our community.

Our Action

University Theatre convened a task force of staff and students charged with defining how UT programing will be reflective of our diverse campus and community, how it will provide a safe and empowering environment for its participants, how it can embrace diversity to grow and retain membership, and how UT can create a culture of inclusion and participation for all. The task forces’ report has led to the creation of two exciting items. One, a twenty-eight page living-document outlining the guiding principles for University Theatre and two, the creation of a committee Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for Theatre (EDIT) to ensure continual positive change within the program. 

Our Message

We are here to promote intellectual growth, cultural competency and self-awareness.

We are here to provide an accessible, inclusive and transformative environment.

We are here to support the development of individuals.

We are here to teach excellence across a comprehensive range of disciplines.

We are here to foster the success of the whole student.

We are here to listen.

E.D.I.T. Action Items

Season Selection

University Theatre’s yearly series will produce content and create opportunities for each show to ensure equitable, uplifting, celebratory, and positive experiences for students and the greater Raleigh community whether participant or patron. Production content shall reflect the multicultural community of Raleigh and center the works of under-represented people.


UT aspires to casting that reflects our world and our community. UT is committed to a welcoming and transparent audition process that supports students from all experience levels. Unless the choice is dictated by the author or story, UT casts based on the actor’s experience level and fit for the role and cast, rather than skin color, body size, gender identity, or physical ability.

Rehearsals and Performances

UT is committed to inclusive rehearsals and performances by creating an environment of safe learning for students from all backgrounds. UT Staff commits to a transparent process that students can rely on.

Student Recruitment

UT values participants with a variety of personal experiences and worldviews to shape a more layered, creative, and informed theatrical process. UT commits to seek out students in the NC State community that reflect the diversity of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Additional Resources 

If you have suggestions please send them to

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