University Theatre (UT) aspires to inclusive casting that reflects our world, and our community. Auditions are open to all currently enrolled NC State students regardless of gender, race, ability, or identity. You do not have to be a theatre minor—or even be taking a theatre class—to audition for a production.

Commitment to the Audition Process

UT is committed to a welcoming and transparent audition process that supports students with various levels of experience. Unless a character choice is dictated by the author or the story, casting will be based on the actor’s experience level and fit for the particular role/cast, rather than skin color, body type, gender identity, or physical ability. If a student requires a special accommodation, said student may contact the show’s director in advance to make that request.

Audition Orientation

To prepare for auditions, an orientation session is scheduled the day before at which you will have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as get insight into the audition process. While attendance is voluntary, these sessions prove to be very beneficial – especially if you are new to University Theatre.

What To Expect Upon Your Arrival

After being greeted, you will sign-in, have your student ID scanned, photo taken, fill out an audition card, and be assigned an audition number. Additionally, in completing the audition card, you will be asked to provide any known rehearsal schedule conflicts. Bring your current academic and/or work schedule(s) to aid you in completing this task. And finally, have fun!

An audio, video, and In-Person Program: part of the UT Beyond Series**

Auditions will occur at the same time as Midsummer auditions above.
Auditions will be broken up into three sections each night with 25 spaces available for each section. Students must sign-up for an audition slot.

  • Audition Orientation: Sept 1
    • 7-9 pm : Thompson Hall
    • Three 30-minute slots available
  • Auditions: Sept 2-3
    • 7-10 pm : Thompson Hall
    • 50-minute slots available
  • Call Backs: Sept 8
    • 7pm : Thompson Hall
  • Audio and Video Recordings
    • Recordings will occur by appointment throughout the fall semester.
  • Live Performances
    • Rehearsals will occur Fall of ’21
    • Performances will occur early spring ’22
    • More info to be provided at auditions.

Themes:  Friendship, Women in science, mystery and conspiracy. 
Content Warnings: Adult and Patriarchal language 

For more information contact the show director, Jayme Mellema:


For general performance and audition information please contact Asst. Director for Performance and Academics, Mia Self at